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Self Protection for Women 
(from 16 years)

In this seminar you will learn how to make your everyday life safer and how to recognize and assess potentially violent situations at an early stage.

With the help of numerous practical exercises, you will learn methods and techniques specially tailored to the female gender, in order to be able to react appropriately in both potential and escalated situations and to be able to defend yourself in an emergency.


  • Early detection of potentially violent situations

  • right of self-defence

  • Protection and Liberation Techniques

  • Defense with everyday objects

  • Armed self-defense yes/no

  • scenario training


Target group:
Girls and women (from 16 years) who want to learn options for action and self-protection techniques in (potentially) violent situations.

Presentations, class discussion, scenario training



We will set up the seminar as soon as

there are enough registrations


1 day (8 units)

Seminar management:



EUR 89.00 course fee
including documents and consumables

Please also note our cancellation conditions.

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