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Firmen und Insttitutionen


In order to be able to implement application and legal security for the participants, training is carried out according to the current legal situation and the resulting requirements, and certification is given in some areas after passing the theory and practical exam.

We offer training and further education in the following areas:

Practical course for security forces according to §34a GeWO with IHK certificate


Due to the peculiarities in the private security industry, we have for the application-related practicalAdvanced training for security forces a completely separate advanced training concept edeveloped, which concludes with an IHK certificate.

Preparatory course for the IHK expert examination §34a GeWO


The tasks in the security industry require a high level of competence on the part of the security personnel. With the reorganization of the Guarding Ordinance in January 2003, security specialists and self-employed persons have to prove that they have successfully passed the expert examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in accordance with Section 34a of the Trade Ordinance. We prepare you for your exam and your new job in this professional field.

Qualification of security staff in football stadiums (QuaSOD)(according to DFB guideline)


TheThe knowledge, skills and abilities imparted in this seminar enable the participant to prove the QuaSOD – qualification for security and law enforcement services (in the football stadium) in accordance with the regulations of the DFB – Deutscher Fußball-Bund eV After successful completion, he thus fulfills the most important legal requirement for the assignment at Bundesliga games and events.

Violence prevention in the workplace - safe@work


Occupational health and safety is not only a legal obligation, but a success factor for your company. Healthy employees are the basis for long-term competitiveness and you should therefore rely on safe working conditions.

Theft prevention retail

opportunity makesThieves. With a little attention and know-how, you can prevent a possible shoplifting in advance.

After the training, salespeople feel more confident in dealing with the topic and the inventory differences will be significantly smaller in the future.

Behavioral training for employees in public transport/inspection service


The seminar sensitizes you to your own stress behavior and that of others in order to retain your ability to act. It offers you valuable support in dealing with aggressive people (groups) through targeted perception control and de-escalating strategies.

Behavioral training / self-protection for rescue workers


Even in apparently normal everyday work situations, violent hostilities and physical attacks on rescue workers can occur. The participants are trained in behaviors and techniques with which they can also deal with physical confrontations safely and proportionatelycan control. Here we focus on practical communication of the seminar content.

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