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Selbstbehauptung und Resilienz für Kinder

Educational Institutions

The seminars and workshops are specially tailored to the current needs and circumstances of students and teachers in educational institutions.

Violence prevention & self-protection for children and young people(from primary level)

Conflict and violence are firmly anchored in everyday life and occur where people meet. They usually arise because of misunderstandings or fears. We want your children im correct handling of conflicts and violence in everyday private and school lifetrain and promote respectful interaction with people.

Anti-bullying, resilience and self-assertion for children and young people(from preschool)

Children who recognize their feelings, can talk about them and appear confident, signal possible bullying perpetrators: "I'm not a victim". Theres can help protect students from bullying.

Civil courage / non-violent handling of aggression in public space(from secondary level)


In tried and tested practical exercises and role plays, the participants in the seminar learn to assess conflict situations and to act appropriately. They get to the bottom of fear, depict the relationship between power and powerlessness, explore violence and aggression, or analyze the roles of perpetrator and victim.

Workplace Violence Prevention for Teachers


Occupational safety is not only a legal obligation, but a success factor of your educational institution. Healthy employees are the basis for long-term cooperation and you should therefore rely on safe working conditions.

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