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Violence prevention & self-protection for children

Urban Kidz Defense Program

Unfortunately, the media keeps giving the impression that children are helplessly at the mercy of adults. Children are indeed helpless when adults use physical violence against them, but this is rarely the case.


Rather, these people seek to manipulate children by engaging them in conversation, building secrets, acting as an authority, arousing their curiosity, or appealing to their helpfulness.

They apply strategies that are also used successfully with adults in other areas such as advertising and marketing.


Children can defend themselves against these strategies if they are prepared for such situations beforehand.


  • EDevelopment of a "danger radar"

  • Good and bad secrets

  • Verbal / Nonverbal Communication

  • get help / get help

  • escape and escape destinations

  • Practical exercise

Target group:
1st to 4th grade children

Group exercises, class discussion, scenario training

For the practice day, please wear your uniform, suitable gloves or disposable gloves and
Please bring your belt and holster and, if possible, your sprayer including 2 practice cartridges
("Loan equipment" available) and sufficient food.


Upon request


1 day (8 units)

Seminar management:




per class on request
including certificate and consumables

Please also note our cancellation policy.

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