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moral courage
Prevention of Violence in Public Space

In tried and tested practical exercises and role plays, the participants in the seminar learn to assess conflict situations and to act appropriately. They get to the bottom of fear, depict the relationship between power and powerlessness, explore violence and aggression, or analyze the roles of perpetrator and victim.

The seminar promotes solidarity, social responsibility and the empathy of the participants.

The participants specifically train civil courage and self-confidence - and learn not only to look, but also to intervene



  • Early detection of potentially violent situations

  • Dealing with violence and potentially dangerous situations

  • Intervene non-violently without endangering yourself

  • Develop ideas for de-escalation

  • develop your own options for action that suit your personality


Target group:
People who want to learn non-violent options for civil courage in (potentially) violent situations.

Presentations, class discussion, scenario training



Upon request


1/2 - 1 day (4 - 8 units)

Seminar management:



Upon request

Please also note our cancellation conditions.

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