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Behavior training / de-escalation

This seminar sensitizes you to your own stress behavior and that of others in order to retain your ability to act. It offers you valuable support in dealing with aggressive people (groups) through targeted perception control and de-escalating strategies.

day 1

• Recognize, deal with & avoid counterproductive behavior
• Early identification of potentially violent situations
• Dealing with fear in potentially violent situations
• Dealing with violence and potentially dangerous situations
• Influence of psychoactive substances on aggressive and violent behavior
• Intercultural settings

Day 2:
• Current situation and exchange of experiences
• PINs (pre-incident indicators)
• Team work
• Situational training (very realistic role play with high intensity)
• Video analysis of the situation training
• Self-assertion / self-protection (basics)

Target group:
(Prison) employees who want to expand their skills and remain professional and able to act even under stress.


Presentations, class discussion, scenario training


We will set up the seminar as soon as

there are enough registrations


2 days (24 lessons)

Seminar management:



EUR 199.00 course fee
including documents and consumables

Please also note our cancellation conditions.

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