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access, arrest, and transport techniques

Training in access, arrest and transport techniques will help you to realistically implement movement sequences in connection with the arrest situations presented, to master them when performing lawful duties and thereby significantly optimize intervention.


• Behavior and tactics
• Basics of correct grips
• Basics of fixation techniques
• Risks and consequences of grips/fixation
• Distances for access, overwhelm
• Handles and levers for fixation / arrest
• Fixation / arrest from various situations
• Linking restraint, arrest and transport
• Proportionality and legality

Target group:
Prison service employees who are authorized to use direct force.

Presentations, class discussion, scenario training

For the practice day, please wear your uniform, suitable gloves or disposable gloves and
Please bring your belt and holster and, if possible, your sprayer including 2 practice cartridges
("Loan equipment" available) and sufficient food.


We will set up the seminar as soon as

there are enough registrations


1 day (8 units)

Seminar management:



EUR 129.00 course fee
including documents and consumables

Please also note our cancellation policy.

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