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Ausbildungen für Stadtpolizei und Ordnungsamt

Police-/Security authorities

Due to the peculiarities within the municipal administrative enforcement, we have developed our own training and further education offers especially for security and regulatory authorities.

These offers take into account the previous training from the municipal basic courses and expand them with practical components.

In the course of our training and further education, we also support the respective employer as best as possible in exercising his legal responsibilitystatement within the framework of the duty of care towards the municipal prison staff.

In order to be able to implement application and legal security for the participants, qualifications are carried out according to the current legal situation and the resulting requirements and certification is provided after passing theory and practical tests.

Our lecturers and trainers are experienced police officers, deployment trainers and/or experienced law enforcement officers from the respective federal states.

We offer training and further education in the following areas:

Authorization to compulsion (according to the police law applicable to you)


Law enforcement officials must proceed in accordance with the provisions of this Act when using direct force in the lawful exercise of their duties. This course imparts the theoretical and practical basic knowledge for the use of direct coercion, its tools and weapons.

(except firearms)

Behavior an deescalation training


The seminar sensitizes you to your own stress behavior and that of others in order to retain your ability to act. It offers you valuable support in dealing with aggressive people (groups) through targeted perception control and de-escalating strategies.

Access, arrest, and transport techniques


In operational practice, it can be seen time and again that access and arrests are made more difficult or even fail because the law enforcement officers who intervene act in an uncoordinated manner. In this course you train  techniques and attacks from standard situations. The course teaches the participants intervention and arrest tactics as well as the subsequent transport technology tactics that are practiced in general patrol duty, but also in operational and access units. The increasing videography of operational situations is also addressed and concepts for professional procedures are developed.

handling the telescop Baton (EKA, TKS, ASP, etc.)


The effective use of a telescopic baton has been proven many times in practice by the police and security authorities. In this course, the participants learn the basics of handling the telescopic baton, in particular the basics of striking and thrusting techniques, weapon protection and defense against various attacks.

Tying people up / handling handcuff systems (hinge, chain, textile, plastic)


Handcuff systems are used in the context of personal restraints. In addition to the legal requirements, the seminar also includes an overview of the various handcuff systems. In the course, the participants are instructed in the basic techniques with handcuff systems and in professional use.

Pepperspray Handling  (RSG 6 / 8 , RSG 2000)


The irritant spray device (RSG) is one of the most effective tools for deterring violent attacks on law enforcement officers. This seminar will enable you to use the irritant spray device assigned to you on duty and enable you to use the irritant spray device automatically and effectively even in a stressful situation.

Unarmed self-defence for Law Enforcement


Even in seemingly normal everyday work situations, violent hostilities and physical assaults on law enforcement officers can occur. The participants are trained in behaviors and techniques with the help of which they can also safely and proportionately control physical confrontations. Here we focus on practical communication of the seminar content.

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